Scents of the Game - 5-Tool Travel Kit

5-Tool Travel Kit

The first in our line of products is the 5-Tool Travel Kit. Perfect for the travel ball player!

2 Body Washes
1 Shampoo & Conditioner
1 Deodorant
1 Body Scrubber

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Pine Tar Body Wash

01. Pine Tar Body Wash

Get a "grip" on your shower game with the sweet smell of pine tar. Don't use too much or you might get called out!

Champagne Shower Body Wash

02. Champagne Shower Body Wash

Relive that post-game celebration every time you shower! Just don't forget the goggles!

Glove Leather Shampoo & Conditioner

03. Glove Leather Shampoo & Conditioner

Take care of your scalp like you take care of your glove! With shampoo and conditioner you've got the best double play combo in the league!

Fresh Cut Grass Deodorant

04. Fresh Cut Grass Deodorant

If you love America's Pastime, you know it's the sweetest smell in the game. Don't make yourself wait for the next time you mow, smell it everyday!

05. Turf Scrubber

Scrub away all the dirt from that game-winning diving catch with the soft feel of the best scrubber in the game!